This is an explainer video about youthspark. What is youthspark? Watch this explainer video to learn and understand what youthspark is. In the video it is explained that youthspark is Microsoft’s worldwide program designed to create opportunities for youths by providing them Information and Communication Technology skills (or ICT) and Computer Science knowledge. The youth needs opportunities to be opened for them to have the chance to prove themselves with their talents and skills. It is also shown in the video that it is part of Thailand’s vision to have the youth empowered. Youthspark in the video can make an individual’s life better. And it is shown in the video how they are going to do it. In the explainer video it is shown that they have a lot of programs that they are supporting. What are you waiting for? Press play and watch the video and learn more about youthspark!

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YouthSpark is Microsoft’s worldwide program designed to create opportunities for youths by providing them Information and Communication Technology skills (or ICT) and Computer Science knowledge. YouthSpark also supports Microsoft Thailand’s vision “We make 70 million lives better”.
Together with NGOs, governments, and the business sector, we empower youth aged 16-30 with the tools and technology to chase their dreams, find traditional jobs, continue education and training, start their own businesses and become leaders in social innovation.
Supporting programs such as: THE YES – TECH TRAINING TO HELP EXTEND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SPACE has empowered 7.000 rural and disadvantaged youths from North, Northeastern, Central and Southern Thailand with IT skills needed to access quality educational resources and use technology for personal and professional development.
By ENHANCING ICT SKILLS FOR YOUTH SMEs 48.000 young entrepreneurs have accessed technology skills, e-commerce solutions and e-business strategies to improve their businesses and drive growth. 120 professional weblogs are running online and generating income!
INNOVATE FOR GOOD Is an initiative that encourages youths interested in social innovation and social entrepreneurship to transform their innovative ideas to reality with the help of our training programs as well as online and offline activities that provide them with resources, tools, knowledge, support and connections.
We established 'Give for Youth', a global micro-giving marketplace to raise funds for non-profits that support youth causes with Microsoft. In Thailand, Give for Youth has already raised more than $120,000
Computer science is a vital skill in the 21st century for young people who enter the workforce, which is why Microsoft has hosted the #WeSpeakCode campaign and Hour of Code activity, teaching the basic concepts of coding to 700 Thai youths and industry professionals since 2014.
Lipda Jaruthien and Patraporn Leelaprachakul, the creators of an app supporting wheelchair users in Bangkok said that “Because of YouthSpark they had direct access to IT experts who shared valuable insights and technical advice on every aspect of their app development, including user design. Not only did they gain technical knowledge, they established connections and forged partnerships. They have also learnt about new technologies that they hope to deploy in the future.”
Ketsaraporn Nammultriputtar said that YouthSpark has changed the lives of her community by allowing her to create an online business. A Hand-to-Hand Community Group through which they can now sell their local products: volcano-soil dyed fabrics, Thai silk, basketry, and other local products".
Microsoft keeps striving to give young people the tools and training to express themselves through ICT skills and Computer Science. Many more programs will run in 2016 under the #MakeWhatsNext campaign, including the “Computer Science and ICT Education to empower Thai youths who are at risk of trafficking" project, the "Encouraging underserved youths in northern Thailand to take the first steps towards learning to code" project and many more.
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