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This is an explainer video about how ListingBidder works. Do you have a property waiting to sell? Well, this is the best way to sell it:! It's like Uber for real estate, but enough with the reading and let’s get down to real business. Let this explainer video show you how it works and checkout the ListingBidder website. The video contains mini clip art drawings that would guide you into understanding how ListingBidder works. This could help you in selling your house that you don’t want anymore or a house you really need to sell. This video is not just entertaining but also educational that you may be able to understand how the ListingBidder works and how it can help you sell your very own property. So what are you waiting for? If you want to learn more about ListingBidder go on and press the play button and learn what ListingBidder has prepared for you.

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Welcome to, where Realtors bid to list your property! If you want to keep your privacy, choose your own Realtor but don't want to pay the standard commission rate, you've come to the right place!
So, you have a property you need to sell…maybe it's your home, your condo, your lake cabin, a commercial building or just undeveloped land.
What are you going to do? You need a local Realtor; but who will you pick?
Your friendly neighbor is a Realtor and your sister-in-law would never forgive you if you didn't consider her as your Realtor, and everyone says "talk to Mike" as he's the "go-to" Realtor in your neighborhood.
Most people don't realize that real estate commissions are NEGOTIABLE, but does anyone like to negotiate fees? It's uncomfortable! 7 out of 10 Sellers talk to only one Realtor, and most accept the standard rate of 6 or 7%. But look how much you could save on a $450,000 home if the commission was bid down by only 1%...$450,000 x 1% = $4,500!!!
At, you get a FREE online platform where you can easily get Bids for your future real estate listing from local Realtors that YOU choose, all the while protecting your privacy and avoiding just any Realtor knocking on your door.
At, there are no fees to the Seller, and you have no obligation to list your property, or select the lowest bid OR any bid, OR any Realtor. YOU are in control; it's a private bidding experience, and you're done in just 1 WEEK!
To get started, register as a Seller on When you are ready, post a few details about your Property (we will keep your exact address hidden), and invite local Realtors to make a commission-based bid to get your business.
While the auction is going on, you can review Realtor commission rate bids, Realtor profiles and reviews, and Realtor marketing proposals, and even invite more Realtors to bid. Wait only 1 week, and then select your Realtor!
So let’s get started. Local Realtors are waiting. Why not register NOW and save time and money with today!!!