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This is a corporate explainer video about TracPoint Rallio, a social media management platform for Verizon wireless retailers across the United States.

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With a major shift in advertising dollars from print to digital, social media websites have become the single biggest influence when it comes to your customers making purchasing decisions. Unfortunately for most Verizon Wireless Agents and Retailers it’s nearly impossible to manage your social media presence, when you have multiple store locations and must be set up with individual Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+, and Yelp pages.
Company Branding is difficult to manage, across various platforms. Most retailers are unaware they may have many unclaimed, unbranded, or poorly branded pages, and just don’t know where to begin. Wireless Retailers also struggle to create and find good Content to share with their followers. What do I Post? Where do I find good content? What do I do?
Managing store reviews is also very difficult. Who wrote a negative review about my business? When? On what site? How do I respond in a timely manner and handle this professionally? Not responding quickly to negative reviews can have a devastating effect on your business... Wireless Retailers want to promote their businesses on Social Media. How do I advertise on Facebook? How do I post offers that drive sales, and track ROI?
The TracPoint Rallio Social Media Management platform is designed to help you easily manage all your social media pages (Facebook, Yelp, Google+, LInkedin, and Twitter) for all your store locations from one dashboard. This includes 4 critical areas of need: Branding control, access to a Wireless Industry content Library, Ability to manage all your reviews, and a sales & marketing coupon module.
You can make sure each store location’s page is properly branded to allow clear and consistent messaging across every channel. Quickly and easily manage your company’s brand across all pages. Update cover photos, company logos, and get all your social media pages claimed and promoting the proper message.
Create your own posts, or select from our Wireless Industry content library which includes content from Motorola, Samsung, HTC, VoiceComm, and more! All the posts you create, including images, coupons and content, are saved into your very own content library for future use. Easily view and respond to all your reviews. Use quick filters to find the critical bad reviews, and sort by store, and platform. View your overall reputation and even get notified when new reviews come in.
Use our Sales and Marketing Coupon Module to deploy serialized, trackable bar coded coupon offers to your prospects around the buying radius of your stores with Facebook Ad buys & boosts. You can now leverage the power of social media to let potential buyers know who you are, and get them into your store! The TracPoint Rallio Social Media Management platform is also 100% Verizon Coop approved and TracPoint can easily direct bill your Co-op account.
Contact TracPoint now to learn how wireless retailers across the US are leveraging the power of this innovative platform. Call 800-404-4450, or visit
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