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Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on November 8th, 2013. [1] The devastation it caused for the people living there, especially in the southern parts of the country, was extremely damaging. [2] More than 6,000 people lost their lives as a result of the typhoon. [3]
Upon hearing about the catastrophe, active and concerned parents of children attending the International Montessori School ("IMS") in Hong Kong wanted to help. [1] Directly after the Typhoon, the IMS School community at IMS came together, [2] gathered cash funds, and raised enough to purchase three fishing boats for families in Leyte, the area most heavily damaged by the typhoon. [3]
When further information surfaced about the toll Typhoon Haiyan took on the Philippines, The Best Gift Foundation was founded. [1] The name “Best Gift” has a special meaning behind it, and it serves as the basis and core of the charity. [2] It came from one of the directors of the project’s grandmother, once a teacher, who is fondly remembered by her strong advice. [3] “Your parents are giving you the best gift that they can give you, and that is education. [4] Education is a gift that nobody can take away from you and it will benefit you in so many ways.” [5]
The Philippine Department of Education [1.1] reported that Typhoon Haiyan had either destroyed or extensively damaged 3,771 schools, [1.2] preventing 126,840 children from getting the education they deserve. [1.3] Upon learning this, the Best Gift Foundation found its focused purpose— to raise funds towards helping underprivileged children enjoy as full an education as possible, so that they can learn in a safe environment and have a better future. [2]
If kids have a conducive place for learning, then they will have the motivation to embrace learning. [1] Through this idea, these kids can have a chance at a better future through education. [2] First and foremost though, they need a safe haven for learning to take place, something the typhoon took away from them. [3]
Since 2014, The Best Gift Foundation has partnered with a local Filipino charity, Children’s Hour Philippines, to learn about which schools and areas are most in need. [1] [2.1f] We have helped to build 9 classrooms so far, [2.2] 4 in the Cebu area, [2.3] 2 in Bohol, [2.4] 1 in General Santos [2.5] and 2 currently underway in Batanes [3.1] which is located in the northern part of the Philippines. [3.2]
Both children and adults living in Hong Kong also participated as volunteers in two different trips to help schools in the Philippines get ready for the upcoming school year, [1.1] interact with the local children, [1.2] and witness the efforts of the foundation’s active cause. [1.3] But our work is far from over. [P] In fact, we are just getting started, [2.1f] and with your help through donations [2.2] we can build more classrooms and continue to give the children in the Philippines access to facilities to pursue and receive the education they deserve. [3.2] In Hong Kong, we are developing a series of educational sponsorships, programs and opportunities to benefit underprivileged children. [3.3] In the future, your donations will also help in the programs aimed to provide better healthcare for kids. [4]
In giving the best gift, [1] we are united and collaborative, we share one goal and we tie together perfectly with the people in Hong Kong and the Philippines to make us one community. This is what makes us unique. It is the giving the gift of education that makes us stronger together.