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The Institute for Education in International Media or ieiMedia created a video with us about exciting opportunities for students to study abroad in various communications and creative arts courses.

Script & Storyboard
Most students arrive at this point because some professor has said. “Look at this interesting summer program.” [1.3] This minute video will introduce you to a life-changing experience abroad [2] for little more than you’d pay for summer credits on your home campus. [3]
Here is a chance to pick-up media skills [1] and journalistic know-how.[1] A chance to work independently and collegially [3] with top professors [4] and professionals.[5] A chance to globalize your resume and drive it right to the top of the applicant pile. [6] A chance to work like a professional. [7]
You won’t be chained to a desk in a classroom. [1] You’ll to be out in the community, meeting people and absorbing the culture. [2.2] If you don’t speak the language, [2.3] there will be an interpreter at your side.[2.4] In other words, you’ll be working just like a foreign correspondent [3] in places like Italy, [4.1] Spain, [4.2] Ireland [4.3] and many more. [4.4]
No assignments here. [1] Your own interests will dictate your story ideas, [2] and our 4-1 student-faculty ratio will deliver all the attention you will need to be successful regardless of your major. [3] And those inclined to journalism, video and media careers will be prepared for life [4.1] as back-pack entrepreneurs [4.2] or as salaried workers in a news, non-profit or PR organization. [5]
Where do we fit on your resume? [1] You can list under “study abroad.” [2] But many of our students prefer “Professional Experience.” [3] That’s us. The Institute for Education in International Media [4] or as we are known in the higher education community: ieiMedia.[5]
All our programs are offered in partnership with accredited American universities [1] that will provide transferrable credit. [2] Don’t need college credit? [3] Then we can save you some money.[4] Any student who will have completed the freshman year is eligible to apply, including recent graduates. [5]
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