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This is an explainer video on Tankeboksen. In this explainer video about tankeboksen you will learn and understand what it can do to help us individuals.Tankeboksen is an awesome new online psychology program to battle symptoms of depression and anxiety. A lot of us are silently battling these diseases and there’s not much attention put to it than it should have. This video explains how it works and you can see more of their educational videos on Depression and other mental health concepts here. In the video it is explained clearly how tankeboksen can help us in our daily lives. This video has mini clip art drawings that will help you and guide you what tankeboksen is all about. In this video, it will talk about the courses of tankeboksen. What are you waiting for? Go on and press the play button and watch and be entertained and learn from this explainer video about tankeboksen.

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Welcome to Braive online iCBT programs[1]. We develop courses to help you learn the skills you need[2] to manage your mental health challenges[3]. This course is different[4] to taking medications or seeing a clinician[6]. It’s a new way of delivering effective treatment which allows you to start today[7.2], wherever you are in the world.[7.3]
Our courses provide you with information and tools[1] that will help you move towards a healthy space of mind[2]. They are designed to give you the skills needed to become your own therapist[3] with strategies to deal with unhelpful thoughts and hurtful emotions as they arise.[4]
Once you learn the skills[1] and how to put them into practice you will have a mental health toolkit[2] available to you for the rest of your life[3]. It is important to remember that making changes[4] takes time[5] and effort[6] but rest assured[7] that Braive[8.1] and our support team will be there to assist you along the way.[8.2]
Research has shown[1] that three quarters of people[2] who completed this type of treatment courses[3] got better and stayed better[4]. It was as though they were no longer reliant on someone else to manage their symptoms[5]. They had all the skills they needed to manage things by themselves![6]
In our courses, you will learn how feelings of anxiety and depression develop, and how to take control over the thoughts, bodily sensations and behaviours that contribute to how you feel today[2]. Through understanding this triangle of mental health[3], you will learn how they all affect each other and that changing just one of these can have a great impact on how you feel.[4]
The first step in all our programs[1] is for you to complete the Mental Health Check[2], by answering a series of questions about your symptoms[3]. Based on your answers you will receive a personalised treatment plan with individual structure and course duration[4]. In between each lesson you will be asked to answer a few short questions again[5] because this gives us a way[6] to monitor your progress throughout the program.[7]
The information you provide[1] gives us the opportunity[2] to measure the effect of our programs[3] so that we can continue our research and keep improving them.[4] The information we use goes through an irreversible de-identification process to protect your privacy.[6] Thank you for being part of our research and helping us create even better programs.[P]