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Research shows that 60-90% of organisations fail to successfully implement their strategies. [1] To help them solve this problem, First Principles Consulting developed STARR. [2] STARR stands for Strategy, Tactics, Actions, Reviews, Results and is a proven, fully integrated process that drives strategic execution. [3]
STRATEGY [1.1] To develop a successful strategy we must first have a vision, understand our mission and business model [1.2] and be aligned as a team. [1.3] Consider what the world will look like when we achieve our vision and outline a transition path to that new world. [2.1] A strategy is not a detailed action plan. [2.2]
TACTICS [1] Your tactical plan should outline the next 12 months of your strategy. [2] Turn strategic objectives into quantified targets and actions. [3] Deadlines, clear deliverables and accountabilities are key and Gantt charts work well here. [4]
ACTIONS [1] Falling behind? Start reviewing your tactical plans on a monthly basis and slice off some clearly defined deliverables. [2] Operational developments, new insights, corporate mandates and compliance requirements will also emerge. [3] On the monthly and weekly time horizons, Kanban boards keep the team in sync and priorities and statuses transparent. [4]
REVIEW [1] Conduct monthly one-on-ones and weekly team reviews to ensure steady progress. [2] One-on-ones between individual managers and their leader align on priorities for the next month and track last month's success. [3] Weekly reviews are well-run meetings involving the whole leadership team. [4]
RESULTS [1] Results are proof of successful actions. [2] A balance of leading and lagging KPIs works best. [3] Completed deliverables represent leading KPIs of STARR. [4] Lagging indicators tell us how effective the actions were. [5] Think Balanced Scorecard. [6]
Most companies have many aspects of STARR in place but lack integration and critical links in the chain. [1] Our team has helped many organisations implement STARR successfully. [2] Our consulting style respects that your business is your business. [3] Get in touch today! [4]