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In the age of digital revolution[1], Social Media and SMS marketing have disrupted the traditional marketing channels[2]. This means that 91% of brands today use mobile marketing tools[3]. As a result, businesses no longer talk TO customers, but talk WITH them[4]. REWARD LION’s network of certified MARKETING EXPERTS have gone through an elite mobile marketing training[5], to help local businesses[6] find new customers and turn their existing customers[7] into digital advocates.[8]
We do everything for you[1] so you don't have to go through the frustration and time[2] managing a complicated marketing strategy[3], spend millions building your own platform[4] or hire help managing it.[5]
Because generic social media bundles don't work[1], Our mobile marketing specialists will develop a strategic SMS marketing and reward program for you, by selecting the tools best suited for your brand[2]. We take care of everything[3]. From setup through answering customer reviews, publishing offers and tracking the results of your marketing campaign.[4]
RewardLion combines all aspects of social media management[1] including SMS Marketing[2], Loyalty Kiosks[3], App Development[4] and Integrated Web Design[5]. Let’s have a closer look at each of them, so you know which one is right for you.[6]
Loyalty Rewards Kiosk Programs are setup for your customers to signup with their mobile phone number[1] to get discounts, participate in lotteries and other programs[2]. This builds up your customer database[3]. Then our patent pending algorithm[4] sends out INDIVIDUALIZED messages[5]: The right offer, for the right customer, at the right time[6]. Few people know that text message promotions have by far the highest Return on Investment[7] - So you HAVE TO be doing this!
In our 'Social Media Marketing Program' our marketing professionals manage your content, reviews and comments[1] to harness the power of social media and protect your brand at the same time[2]. We place perfectly controlled posts that combine just the right level of advertising with helpful information and entertainment to keep YOUR TARGET hooked[3]. We manage and respond to reviews from Facebook, google plus, twitter, linkedIn, yelp and many more[4]. Our experts will determine which is best for your business.[5]
In our Web Design Program Our digital experts create a strong online presence for your brand with a beautiful, responsive web page[1] that is compatible with ALL devices[2]. Customer reviews and ratings from social media sites are automatically displayed through our social streaming plugins.[3]
Our rich and affordable feature 'App-Development Program' provides you with a beautifully designed, custom branded phone application that’s tied in with your business[1]. Features can include: geo-fence notifications, promotional coupons, digital business cards, store locations and directions, surveys, integration with your social media and much much more.[2]
On top of all that, RewardLion offers a full fledged analytics service with monthly activity for all the tools we provide.[1] We analyse your business to provide you with a custom tailored service[2], so you don't have to pay for services you don't need[3]. THIS IS A MARKETING SOLUTION THAT INFLUENCES BEHAVIOUR, NOT JUST REWARDS IT!#4