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Did you ever stare at a beautiful bottle while sipping your favorite spirit, wondering how they made it? Watch this explainer video to find out how bottles become reality from the sketch on the back of a napkin to reshipper cartons arriving at the distillery.

Script & Storyboard
You are launching your own brand of alcohol, and want an amazing bottle, but don't know where to start? We’re here to help! From bottle design to production, here is how we do it.
Step 1: Brainstorming Your bottle begins with an idea. Perhaps it’s something novel. Or perhaps it’s a variation on an existing shape. Give us a verbal description, a line drawing, or even a sketch on the back of a napkin and we'll help you make it.
Step 2: 3D Modeling & Renderings. Our 3D engineers will turn your idea into a realistic rendering with depth and texture. During this stage, we incorporate your decoration elements - labeling, frosting, closure, and tamper seals - enabling you to visualize your idea from multiple angles.
Step 3: Test Mold & Sampling. From the 3D model, we create a technical 2D drawing used to design the test mold for the bottle prototypes. The prototyping process generally takes about 6 weeks, although this varies depending on how complex your design is. This is where your idea becomes a reality.
Step 4: Production. Scheduling and running a production usually takes 6-8 weeks. During this time we have several layers of quality control in place to ensure your bottles will turn out amazing. When all QC and inspections are finished, your bottles will be carefully packed in reshipper cartons and stacked securely on pallets for shipping. In a few weeks they will arrive at your distillery ready to be filled. Want to see the production facilities? Check out this video: