Product IntroductionStay Fit

‎StayFit‬ is a new drink that keeps you ‪fit‬ and ‪hydrated‬ on the plane. The powerful ingredients are protected in the cap which you can release via a cool "push-injection" mechanism moments before you drink it. In this "fitness explainer video" we explain the benefits to the consumer and how it works. The video was done with the "logo color" add on which gives it a very professional feel. We recommend this color option especially for corporate explainer videos.

Script & Storyboard
Look up in the sky, It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it’s you on a flight! But, you seem tired? Well, flying comes with its own “baggage” like dehydration, jet lag, headaches, fatigue, attention deficit, disorientation, and decreased blood flow leading to a risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis.
Under such extreme flying conditions, StayFit supports the normal function of your body. It’s a water based drink, with activated natural ingredients that helps you to stay fit, during and after the flight. StayFit was formulated by Vitamedis, a Swiss company well known for natural food supplements that make you feel balanced and comfortable.
After a lot of medical research our experienced R&D team of physicians, neuroscientists, and biochemists selected one hundred percent natural ingredients like, chamomile (to re-hydrate and destress), polyphenols (to support the blood flow) and adaptogens & vitamins (to fight fatigue and jet lag).
The natural ingredients in the patented bottle cap are protected, until activated. To release the concentrated fresh ingredients, remove the cover and push the cap. To activate your drink, shake once. It’s easy and fun - Push, shake, drink, stay fit!
To dissolve these supplements more effectively in the blood, StayFit uses a patented “soluble microcarrier technology.” The drink comes in a tangy taste of orange and ginger, and with a convenient bottle and functionality.
Ideally, the drink is consumed thirty minutes before your flight, but it can also be enjoyed on flight. StayFit keeps you fit for four hours. So, for long-haul flights you can activate a new drink every four hours.
StayFit improves hydration, boosts the immune system, maintains blood flow and keeps up your mental fitness. Now: to StayFit or not to StayFit, that is the question! Which will you choose?