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This explainer video is about Paleo exercise and how it can help us individuals in our daily lives. This video will be share to you by Dr. Peter Lewis who would want to share his idea about this exercise that is called Paleo exercise. In the video there are going to be mini clip art drawings that are going to show you and guide you understand what Dr. Peter Lewis’s point about Paleo exercise and why we should do this exercise. If you are an exercise geek this would be the video for you! It can help you stay fit and healthy. But you have to watch this short explainer video to see how it is going to be done and how it is going to help your body stay fit and health. You need a proper diet and exercise to stay fit and Paleo will show you what needs to be done. What are you waiting for? Click the play button now.

Script & Storyboard
I am Dr Peter Lewis and I want to share my ideas about how to exercise for life. I call this Paleo-exercise
As a sports medicine doctor specialising in PRP and stem cell therapy I spend most of my time treating people with arthritis and degenerative musculoskeletal injuries. Many of these conditions could have been avoided by a better choice of exercise, and prevention is much better than treatment.
In the 1970s it was discovered that exercise can prevent heart disease. This lead to a significant increase in physical activity in the community, jogging, aerobics and gym junkies. Now the baby boomers are paying the price with osteoarthritis of the lower limbs, back and rotator cuff injuries.
Since 1977 I have been fascinated with the concept of “ecodeviation”; the idea that many modern day diseases are caused by changes in our lifestyle from that of the hunter gatherer, from which we evolved.
First we started packaging our food so that it fits our busy lives and now we have “packaged” our exercise, classically an hour of high intensity, high impact activity, three times per week.
This is not natural, it depletes the immune system making us more prone to infection and causes an oxidative load on the body with the release of free radicals which accelerates ageing.
With the development of the paleo diet I was pleased to see many people returning to more natural food and I think the same principle should be applied to fitness, or what I call “paleo exercise”.
From my experience with sports injuries I recommend exercising like hunter gatherers, very often, many times per day. Get your heart rate up vigorously to your maximal optimal level, but only for a couple of minutes each time. This gives all the health benefits of aerobic exercise, without the injuries, fatigue and premature ageing.
High impact activity, which includes running, jumping, skipping and walking, puts excessive stress on the joints, contributing to arthritis, especially in joints which previously suffered meniscal or ligament damage.
I believe that young people should be encouraged to engage in sustainable sports that they can continue throughout their lives. This includes riding bicycles and scooters, yoga, swimming and going to the gym.
I also advocate incidental exercise, which means walking instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of the lift or sitting on a fitball rather than a chair. When running, walking or at work footwear is very important. I suggest runners or modern business shoes with a runner type sole plus shock absorbing insoles such as “lightfeet”.
Thank you for watching this Minute Video. I would like to invite other GP’s and doctors to contribute their ideas about how we can make our patients lives better.
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