Script & Storyboard
The memory palace is a technique [1.1] to remember facts, [1.2] numbers [1.3] or other things, like a shopping list. [1.4] It has been around since Ancient times and is also known as the Method of Loci. [2] Memory Champion Marwin Wallonius used it [3.1] to remember, in just 30 minutes [3.2], the correct order of 5040 binary digits [3.3] or a complete deck of 52 cards in just 33 seconds. [3.4] Here is how it works. [P]
Close your eyes and imagine some sort of familiar physical space, [1.1] like your house, school or office, [1.2] and then add a mental image of the thing you want to remember. [1.3] To remember a bunch of things you can use different rooms [2.1] and visualize how you would walk through that space following the same specific route. [2.2] As you walk through, place the things you want to remember at specific locations. [3] Ideally, imagining things in a funny or crazy way, also helps to remember. [4] Once we have placed all items that we want to remember our memory palace is complete. [5]
The day we return to our palace [1] and want to remember what's inside it, we have to go back in. [2] We have to concentrate and imagine opening the door and walking our route. [3] Once we pass by the specific location that we used to place our things [4], the item will pop back into our mind [5] Let's try to remember 7 ingredients to make some pancakes. [6]
1. You open the door and see a full cup of flour next to some shoes. Strange. [1] 2. You walk into the bedroom. Inside your bed, sleeps a teaspoonful of baking powder. [2] 3. In the living room sits a massive egg watching TV. [3] 4. And on top of the TV is a cup of milk, almost full. [4] 5. You go to into the kitchen and see 6 teaspoons dancing around a bottle of vegetable oil. [5] 6. Enough. You leave the house and enter the garden. But it's full of sugar canes and in the middle, a teaspoon dressed like a gardener. What going on? [6] 7. You turn around to check the bathroom. The only thing left is half a teaspoon and salt. [7]
Now try yourself! Close your eyes and think of a familiar place such as your home. We will now slowly list 7 numbers. [1] As you walk through your space, place each one in a different location. Lets go: [P] 3 [pause] [2.1] 14 [pause] [2.2] 1 [pause] [2.3] 5 [pause] [2.4] 9 [pause] [2.5] 2 [pause] [3.3] 6 [pause] [3.2] Done. Now open your eyes and revisit your palace. [4.1] Then write in the comments below what you can remember. [4.2] By the way. If you want to memorize Pi or something else for a longer time, forget this technique, turn off your screen and start! [5] Nothing beats learning by doing. [P]