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We're very proud of this video because Goodyear was our first Fortune 500 client. They made this video to find an engaging way to attract more applications for employment, so this corporate explainer video highlighted the benefits, work culture and company traditions.

Script & Storyboard
Think of your career as a road trip. Like any good road trip, the goal is to end up someplace that's unique and exciting. Well, think about making your professional destination Goodyear in Europe, Middle-East, and Africa.
See, when people say Goodyear they tend to think of premium products, global player and safe driving. What we also value are the great talent in our teams, our diversity and our culture to always act with honesty, integrity and respect for each other.
For the third year in a row, we are proud to announce that Goodyear has received the Top Employer award for its outstanding working environment and high quality HR policies. This is a major accomplishment. You don't just get it for having nice coffee in the break-room.
We've achieved such an outstanding track record by creating a culture that supports our associates to reach their maximum potential. You will have access to high-level tailor-made learning & development programs, competitive compensation and benefits, and the chance to spread your wings internationally.
We’re a lot more than just a tire company. We’re a global leader who’s excellence in innovation is recognized with numerous awards. Goodyear was the first to develop tires for the moon and now we envision a future in which our products become more integrated and more versatile in line with the challenges of the mobility of the future.
We are a team made of people with diverse backgrounds and passions. We act just like your superstar sports team would - like One Team, driven by shared values and a common goal.
So you can be sure that on the next big trip, Goodyear will be there too, will you? Join Goodyear in EMEA now, a destination that you can be excited about.