With this explainer video we congratulate Ferrum on their 100 year anniversary as well as their dominance in the global canning industry. 200 billion cans per year is astonishing!

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The family owned Ferrum now stands since 100 years for innovative products made in Switzerland[1]. Our 500 employees based in our premises in Rupperswil and Schafisheim in Switzerland, in the US, in India, in China[2] as well as our service staff based in 20 more countries around the world deliver first class performance to our global client base day by day.[3]
Ferrum focuses on four business lines[1]. In the business line Canning, Ferrum has thanks to its innovation skills managed to become the global market leader in can seaming equipment[2]. In the business line Centrifuge Technology, Ferrum is a master in the art of separation[3]. With its business line Manufacturing running in three shifts around the clock[4] and its business line Foundry, Ferrum operates with an extended in-house production depth.[5]
For the global beverage industry Ferrum is the preferred partner for can seaming equipment.[1] Our clients can rely for services, face lifts and spare parts as well as in emergencies at any time on our more than 70 service technicians based around the world.[2] Our most powerful can seamers can close 2’500 cans per minute[3]. We estimate that our clients around the globe each year close around 200 billion cans with our equipment for soft-drinks, energy-drinks and beers [4]. In addition, Ferrum’s can seamer are also well respected in the global food industry.[5]
Our Centrifuge Technology has been serving the global chemical, fine chemical, offshore oil and pharmaceutical industries since 1935[1] and today is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance scraper and pusher centrifuges[2]. This is a typical project business as every single centrifuge solution offered by Ferrum is tailored to the clients very specific needs[3]. Key know-how in the pusher business line had been acquired from Sulzer Escher Wyss.[pause]
Our own Manufacturing with 100 specialists based in Rupperswil[1] operates on the latest state-of-the-art equipment.[2] Whether for milling, turning or welding, Ferrum stands for absolute precision with highly sophisticated materials[3]. Our own Foundry produces iron castings for our Canning and Centrifuges and in addition serves clients in Switzerland and surrounding countries.[4]
Ferrum has in its first 100 years established itself as an innovative production specialist adhering highest Swiss quality standards under Lean Management conditions[1]. Right in the middle of our attention stand our customers in the global beverage and food industry for our can seamers and in the global chemical, fine chemical, oil and pharmaceutical industries for our centrifuges responsible for separation of liquid and solid parts[2]. Our Foundry and our Manufacturing support these two business lines. Our Foundry produces sockets for our centrifuges, which can withstand forces up to 800g[3]. Our Manufacturing produces seaming rolls and seaming chucks, which are responsible to close hundreds of millions of cans with highest precision, and special design sieves, which are at the heart of our centrifuges.[4]
[1] We are convinced that our relentless quest for Swiss quality[2] and our continuous strive for further improvements and innovations[3] build a solid foundation for the next century of Ferrum[4]. We are looking forward to continuing to serve our esteemed clients world wide with swiss quality and precision and thank you for your attention.[5]
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