Script & Storyboard
Hi again. Did you miss me? [1] While I was at school, I told my teacher about my processes and how important they were to me. [2] She asked me how upset I would be if I couldn’t do them. [3] She called this “impact”. [4]
I thought about which ones were most important to me because if I couldn’t do some of them it would probably make me cry and spoil my whole day. [2] Like, if I couldn’t eat a meal I’d get really hungry and grumpy. [3] But if I couldn’t go to school, well, that wouldn’t be SO bad. [4]
So I went down my list of processes [1.1] and asked myself, “if I can’t do this, [1.2] for whatever reason, how long before I get REALLY upset?” [1.3] Then I realized that my Mom might also get really upset if I couldn’t do some of these things. [2] And that was really important to me because when my Mom’s upset, it kind of ruins my day. [3] So I went down my list of processes and figured out about how long it would take each of us to get really upset if I couldn’t do a particular process. [4]
This is what I came up with: PROCESS ME UPSET MOM UPSET [1f] GET DRESSED [2.1] 5 Hrs[2.2f] 20 Min [2.3f] EAT A MEAL [2.4] 3 Hrs [2.5f] 1 Hr [3.1f] GO TO SCHOOL [3.2] Never [3.3f] 1 Hr [3.4f] COME HOME [3.5] 1 Hr [4.1f] 1 Hr [4.2f] PLAY[4.3] 15 Min [4.4f] 5 Hrs [4.5f] DO HOMEWORK[5.1] Never [5.2f] 1 Min [5.3f] WATCH TV[5.4] 1 Min [5.5f] Never [6.1f] GO TO BED [6.2] 6 Hrs [6.3f] 1 Hr [6.4f]
Then, I wanted to figure out what things I would need to be able to do each of these daily processes. [1] I wanted to make sure I had these things. [2] Like for example, the first one, “Get Dressed”. [3.1] Well, I’d need clean clothes [3.2] and to Eat a Meal, [3.3] I’d need food and some cutlery. [3.4] I used to eat with my fingers when I was little, but now I’m grown up and use silverware. [4]
Because I need these things to be able to do my daily processes, I called them my [1.3] SUPPORTING RESOURCES. [1.4] So I went down my list of processes and here’s what I came up with: [P] PROCESS SUPPORTING RESOURCES GET DRESSED [2.1f] CLEAN CLOTHS [2.2] EAT A MEAL [3.1f] FOOD; UTENSILS [3.2] GO TO SCHOOL [4.1f] MOM’S CAR; MOM; SCHOOL; TEACHER [4.2] COME HOME [5.1f] MRS. WILSON’S CAR; MRS. WILSON [5.2] PLAY [6.1f] BACKYARD; LEGO [6.2] DO HOMEWORK [7.1f] BOOKS; ASSIGNMENT; DESK [7.2] WATCH TV [8.1f] TV [8.2] GO TO BED [8.3f] BEDROOM; BED; STORY [8.4]
I hate disruptions so I took some steps to protect some of these things, like my Lego. [1] I keep them stored in plastic tubs so the little pieces don’t get lost. [2] And I keep all my school stuff in my backpack so I’ll have it when it’s homework time. [3] Like I said, I hate disruptions and if there’s something I can do to make sure my day doesn’t get disrupted, then I’m all for it! [4] Now you know what I’m talking about! It’s time to play so I’ll see ya later! [5]