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Reliable endpoint data and patient safety and efficacy are vital for your clinical trial.
Here at ERT, we digitally collect, analyze and report patient endpoints through software enabled solutions for cardiac safety, respiratory services, suicide risk assessment and Clinical Outcome Assessments.
Endpoints are tied together via the ERT Insights Cloud which integrates our capabilities and 3rd party systems to provide a flexible, cloud-based solution for harmonizing trial data from any data source or system.
Our customizable technology can easily be combined into one centralized platform to enhance patient performance and site results, increasing your trial’s efficiency and lowering overall costs.
And with ERT’s consulting group, our team of scientific thought leaders can support your needs - whatever the complexity, therapeutic area or size of your clinical trial. Our team of experts are skilled in the conversion from paper to electronic modalities.
Our knowledge in global logistics makes us fluent in the requirements of the 95+ countries we serve. Remote online assistance and 24-hour multilingual customer care support your investigators or patients anytime, anywhere.
ERT is dedicated to innovating better health by advancing devices and software. Over 20% of annual revenue is reinvested in R&D to provide you with greater clinical research solutions.
Having run over 8,300 studies and 450 drug approvals, ERT’s expertise maximizes your study investment. Giving you simply better data.” “ERT always innovating better health”
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