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This was the first project where we used the "change color" effect in Premiere Pro to lighten up the hand in the video. This allowed us to increase contrast and darken the blacks in the rest of the video, giving it a sharper tone overall.

Previously the problem was that even though we would have liked applying more contrast and black colors, it made the hand look very dark and ugly. But by adding the change color effect, selecting the darkest shades of the hand, increasing lightness and color by about 2 points each with minimal tolerance (ca. 2-5) and spread (ca. 1-2), the hand brightened up overall while looking just as realistic. This allowed us to apply more effects to the rest of the footage.

As a result, we added this step to our video editing procedure increasing our quality overall with a neglectable increase in editing and rendering time.

Script & Storyboard
The average age of a business owner today is 59 - 60 years old. As the Baby Boomers prepare to enter retirement, many business owners from this generation will be looking for ways to pass on their businesses to other family members or outside interests.
Meet Bob the Business Owner. Bob is living the American Dream. He started his business some 20+ years ago from the ground up and has worked long and hard to build it to be the successful organization that it is today.
But Bob has been having thoughts about perpetuating his business. Bob is not sure how to do this but he is ready to spend more time with family, friends, traveling, and doing something else other than running his company.
But Bob doesn’t know where the money will come from to purchase his company? A Big Bank - probably not? Will the purchaser have hoards of cash to buy - again, probably not…
Bob stays awake at night thinking about how he is going to "perpetuate" his business to another entity. And also how will the entity be able to "fund" a "service" related industry with little or no assets?
We offer solutions for a wide range of service related companies that will allow you to secure financing based on your business's cash flow, not your personal assets. Our platform of specialty purpose lenders include insurance, accounting, law, retail and various medical, to name a few.
If you have a credit score of 680 or higher, without recent bankruptcies or short sales, and the business being purchased has been existing for at least 3 years, Perpetuation Funding can offer you a structured loan for business Acquisition, Perpetuation or Capitalization.
Most of our loans offer 10 year amortization with interest rates in the 6% range and limited prepayment penalties. We work with a wide range of the leading special purpose lenders to offer industry specific loan packages tailored for your needs.
The application process is simple: all you will need to do is to fill out our basic Loan Intake Form and provide us with 3 years of your financial records, including profit & loss statements, balance sheets and tax returns.
After we receive your application, we will provide you with an initial proposal and when the underwriting process is complete, typically within 45 days, you will receive funding.
So don't wait to be rejected by the bank because your loan can't be secured by hard assets or cash. Give us a call today to discuss your financing needs and let Perpetuation Funding help you realize your goals for the next stage of your career!