Typing Practice: How to make better explainer videos.

2 years ago marc schwyn

That's right. If you want to make better explainer videos we highly encourage you to learn how to type faster and without conscious effort. It doesn't really matter if you're a client, script writer, storyboard artist, editor or the project manager. Learning how to type faster and taking control of your keyboard will improve your work in many aspects.

If we take a moment to think about this, it becomes obvious very quickly. Most of us spend the majority of our working days on the computer, to which the keyboard is the most important source of input. Yet we differ widely in our ability to use this most important device. some people type at 30 words per minute, many get to 60 and only very few get to 90, 100 and beyond.

But think about it.. If you can increase your typing speed from 50 to 100 that's doubling the speed at which you use your computer. Emails done twice as fast, notes written in a flash, entire articles written in half the time. More importantly this is not like making a "deal with the devil" where typing faster also means you get tired sooner or develop repetitive strain injuries.. In contrast, it's like a basketball player with bad eyesight getting her first glasses or changing from windows to macOS...

Learning how to type faster necessarily comes with learning how to type healthy. Correct position equals more words per minute (wpm) and less injuries. More importantly it requires less work from your brain. When your working on the computer you use your brain to make an argument, describe a situation, give feedback... Creative stuff that puts a load on your brain. But your brain also has to think about how to phrase your argument, then how to spell the individual words and then where to find the letters to type them.

Typing practice means that only after a few weeks you'll be able to find letters on your keyboard subconsciously. You'll even remember how to spell them. All you have to do is think about a sentence and it will automatically flow from your fingers like magic! This means that your conscious brain doesn't have to do a lot of work and instead you can focus on making a good argument and packaging it in a well written sentence.

In other words, you'll have a multiplier effect. Typing faster times more brain capacity means exponentially better arguments, scripts, comments, instructions and thus making explainer videos that are exponentially better in quality.

And here's the good news: Typing practice doesn't take very long and it's not very difficult at all. There's lots of free gamified websites out there that work amazing and are lots of fun. It's not like learning a new language that takes years. Just signup and follow their instructions. Practice 20 minutes per day for a month and you'll improve your accuracy and speed by 2 or 3 times in just a few weeks.

Personally I love typingclub.com which combines a super nice interface, games and beautiful explainer videos all around typing. And when you're ready for it you can visit typeracer.com where you can face-off against other internet users. It's very addictive.