How we record explainer videos at MinuteVideos

4 years ago marc schwyn

Many of you have asked which pens we use to create our videos. Let me take this opportunity to explain our recording process in a little more detail. This is actually one of the most important parts about how we make our explainer videos so affordable.

Here's what's important:

  • Camera: Logitech c930e
  • Recording Software: VideoVelocity from Candylabs
  • Lighting: We built our own racks that provide cover from external light and fits the camera neatly in a circle of multi step LED bulbs.
  • Video Storage: Google Drive
  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Paper: Renaissance Watercolor Pad
  • Pens (basic video): Pigma Graphic 1 (see picture below)
  • Pens (Shading + Text): Copic Sketch
  • Pens (Water Color): Pentel Arts Watercolors

The art in the production is to produce highest quality videos on fairly basic and affordable equipment. For example, we started out using high end video cameras for our recording, but this was bulky and resulted in large video files that had to be reformatted before we could start working with them properly. In the beginning a project folder would use around 5GB in storage and it would take forever to sync them to the cloud. Today we record higher quality video files with much cheaper technology. We use one of the worlds highest quality webcams that sells for ca. $150. This camera ends up with better quality because it's so small and light that we can build it in directly with the light source. This means there's almost no shadows and the lens can be very close to the paper without disturbing the artist.

Even better, the VideoVelocity software allows us to record the video directly to the computer in almost any format we like. We use very high resolution but only about 5mbps which means our project folders now use about 500mb. This allows for very easy syncing to the cloud and easy collaboration around the globe. Video Velocity also has a couple more features that are very helpful. Most importantly its got motion detection which means it will only record when the artist is actually drawing, so there will be no "blank gaps" in the final video.

Here are some pictures from our Studio

Pens for black and white explainer videos image

Pens for watercolor explainer videos image

Artist at work :) image

Camera and Light Rig image

Thanks for learning how we make our explainer videos. If you have any questions please email us to