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What type of videos do we make?

We make 1 to 5 minutes long hand drawn explainer videos that are used on websites to introduce companies, explain medical products and education.

How much does it cost?

Our Videos start at $600 and range beyond $2000. For $600 you get our Base package which includes a full length video with hand-drawn illustrations, voice and background music. This increases with Add-ons to customise your video or special requirements like a rush-job or NDA.

How long does it take?

On average a video takes 4 weeks to make. This varies depending on revisions and the time you take to give us feedback. Rush jobs can be done in two weeks and some of our bigger projects have taken a couple of months.

Why Make an Explainer Video?

Videos explain things better than most media but they're not for everyone. A lot of thought goes into what is said, how it's illustrated, the production and the coordination of the team, which makes them expensive.

You should make an explainer video if you think the topic deserves the effort.

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